MPB 3200 NZTA Approved Traffic Lights

MPB3200 are our latest NZTA compliant, vehicle actuated portable traffic lights manufactured by Peter Berghaus of Germany which comply with COPTTM and AS/NZS 4191:1994 standards. 

The MPB3200 Portable Traffic Lights can be used in Radio, Quartz (Timer) or Cable modes.
• Equipped with robust proven German & LED technology
• Rotational radar detectors, which can be set to any direction

Important Note:

The MPB3200 traffic lights can only be used to control “one way “ traffic and not “3 way /4 way “ intersections.
The MPB3200 lights come with an “Emergency Quartz back up feature”. When an existing radio signal transmission between the lights breaks down, then the lights automatically change over to synchronised emergency quartz mode. And so the lights continue to operate without any noticeable interruptions for vehicle traffic.

All the programming for the MPB 3200 traffic lights can be done on the control panel of the lights. The signal system can be programmed in just a few steps without the user needing extensive prior knowledge. The traffic lights can also be programmed to customised programs like “All Red” or “Green On Demand”programs to suit the requirements of your traffic situation.

The modes that the MPB3200 traffic lights can be used to control “one way “ traffic are as per below:
• Automatic fixed time mode
• Automatic green time extension
• Automatic green on demand (manual activation mode / basic setting all-red)
• All-red in cable and radio mode
• Manual operation from every signal head possible in cable and radio mode
• Manual operation (fixed green) in quartz mode
• Manual operation (fixed red) in quartz mode
• Lamps off
• Flashing